Prof. (Dr.) Nitin R. Karmalkar
(Vice Chancellor)

The Higher Education system plays an important role in developing human resources of any nation. The System of Higher Education in India has seen significant growth and progress during the post independence era. This period witnessed massive expansion of the overall education system. The success of the education system largely depends upon development of the human resources involved in it. Considering this the UGC has started and periodically strengthens the Human Resource Development Centre’s in the country. The Human Resource Development Centre of Savitribai Phule Pune University established in 1987 has always been one of the leading Human Resource Development Centre in the country. I am proud to mention that this Human Resource Development Centre has taken the task of designing and organizing the programmes as a mission and has been doing it seriously rigorously. The UGC-HRDC, SPPU so far has conducted 531 Refresher courses (covering 17795 teacher participants) 175 orientation programs (covering 6571 teacher participants), 17 Special Summer/Winter Schools (covering 964 teacher participants), 22 Faculty Development Programmes (covering 786 teacher participants), 14 Professional Development progrmmes (covering 380 participants), 2 Ph.D. Post Doctoral programmes (covering 52 participants) and 11 Principal/Academic Administrators Workshops (covering 454 participants). The MHRD has also sanctioned as Faculty Development Centre to Savitribai Phule Pune University which is looked after by the HRDC and in the year 2018-2019 Faculty Development Centre has conducted 32 Faculty Development Programmes (covering 989 participants), 4 Refresher Programmes (covering 265 participants) and 4 workshops (covering 113 participants). I am sure that under the able leadership of present Director, Prof. Sanjeeev Sonawane the HRDC and FDC will continue to provide opportunities for personal and professional development to the human resources in Higher Education system. I wish all success to the UGC-Human Resource Development Centre team for their future endeavours.


A destiny of country is formed in classrooms.. Dr. D.S. Kothari
A candle which is not lit, cannot light others, A teacher who is not learning, cannot teach others. Gurudev Ravindranath Tagore
These quotes by the famous academicians highlights the importance of education, underlines the significant role a teacher plays in education system and students life.It also emphasizes on need for continuous learning and updation of teachers. In todays globalised world India is playing vital role to redefine global equations in terms of population, political power, economy, establishing democratic value of social justice etc. The main base for the development and progress of the citizens as knowledgebase society and skilled workforce for which education is the key.
Considering the global requirements the Indian higher education system is also going through the phase of transformation for which teachers of higher education and their professional development plays a vital role.
The UGC-HRDC at Savitribai Phule Pune University since its inception in known for its innovativeness, well designed and implements programmes, quality of resource persons and value addition to the participating teachers.
With its new state of the art infrastructural facilities and continuous support from the University authorities and officers the HRDC, SPPU is raring to face the challenges ahead.
Keeping in mind our slogan WE GALVANIZE ATTITUDE we focus our endevaous to enlighten our participants so that they can make a difference in their student's lives.
Inspired by our tagline, We strive for perfection and settle for excellence, we believe in setting high standards and designing innovative, need based, focused programmes providing opportunities of personal and professional development to teachers and supporting staff of higher education institutions.

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